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Our self-publishing studio assists you in creating books that teach and uplift through stories of purpose, resilience, and faith



A True Story of Peril, Forgiveness, and Unexpected Favor


As a teenager in April 1994, JEAN BOSCO must flee his beautiful home in Kigali to escape the Rwandan genocide. ­ Young Bosco journeys through the forests to neighboring Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), where, with the support of brave friends and local missionaries who lead him to faith in Jesus Christ, he slowly adjusts to a new country. But with little warning, civil war erupts in Zaire two years later, and he is forced once again to run for his life. With only the clothes on his back, he makes it to a smoke-filled refugee camp in Uganda. How Bosco escapes this camp and survives a second refugee camp and imprisonment in Kenya is a triumphant story of the miracles that can unfold when people extend grace, kindness, and selfless courage—and pray. 

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Inspiring Reasons and Practical
Ways to Live Your Faith through
Acts of Love


KAREN PANTON WALKINGEAGLE takes you on a journey during which you will reconsider what it really means to love God, to love others, and to be blessed beyond your imagination. As she weaves true stories and meaningful scriptures with insights gleaned from everyday life, you will be motivated to reflect on your own attitudes and actions. By the end of this deeply moving and thought-provoking work, you will agree that while much has changed in two thousand years, the following has stood the test of time: the truth of Jesus’s words regarding the supreme importance of loving God and loving others, and the power to be found in acting on that love, even when inconvenient.

Enter a World of Imagination Where Anything Lost Can Be Found


LEISA ROBOTHAM-REID and GABRIELLE EUBANK-GREEN, friends since childhood, offer a fun story to introduce children to the concept of being responsible for their toys and possessions. One night when six-year-old Angela climbs into bed, she realizes her best friend, Rufus, a stuffed toy elephant, is missing. Filled with sadness and worry, she is unable to sleep. Her parents calm her by telling her the story of a magical place called the Land of Look Behind, where children learn to keep track of their belongings. Little ones will rest soundly, knowing that their lost possessions await them in an enchanted place.

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The Least You Should Know About
How We're Pushing Back Against
Climate Change


DR. HILLARY WESTMEIER shares activities and projects at the individual, community, and even government level that are already making a difference in the care of our environment. Young adults will find the information and inspiration they need to make measurable changes, from growing urban gardens to minimizing their carbon footprints. As part of the Building Strong Families series, Dr. Westmeier draws on stories from her family and friends in Jamaica and Germany and makes a compelling case for everyone—from individuals and governments to scientists and technologists—to take up the challenge of "ReThinking" and restructuring our world.

My Life in Pursuit of A Dream


DR. ELLAMAE SIMMONS refused to believe the story America tried to tell her about herself. For one hundred years, she boldly shouldered open doors for the generations that came after her. From the arrival of her ancestors aboard a slaving vessel in 1775, to Klan rallies outside her childhood Ohio home; from Jim Crow laws and blocked opportunity to the electrifying election of the nation’s first African American president, this sweeping memoir also captures the larger history of Black people in America. As the first Black woman allergist and immunologist in the country, throughout her life Ellamae refused to let bitter disappointment or personal heartbreak turn her aside. Never content to just witness history, this fearless hidden figure went out and made her own.


Ordinary People Inspiring

Extraordinary Change


Written by KAREN PANTON WALKINGEAGLE with a foreword by foundation president DR. JAMEL PATTERSON, this heart-lifting work recounts acts of faith and service by the AGENO Foundation International, Inc., which has grown from humble beginnings to become an agent of global change. Starting in Haiti and Uganda, where two Jamaican doctors paid the school fees for three boys in Port-au-Prince and purchased food and mosquito nets for villagers near Kampala, Ageno continues to perform deeply consequential works that have expanded God’s Kingdom throughout the world.

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