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When you purchase a copy of Kept for a Purpose or Bless, you automatically help us to bless someone in need. A portion of the proceeds from each of these books published by Havendale Press will be donated to select nonprofit organizations to help fulfill their mission and achieve their charitable goals. If you would like us to partner with your nonprofit or church to support missions or other initiatives that provide material, financial, educational, or other forms of assistance to individuals in need of a blessing, please contact us for more information.

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“As an educator, I especially welcome this literary work because it serves as an introduction to a historical event that too few Americans know anything about. Told through the eyes of a teenager, it should be on the reading list of every serious student of history and the social sciences, regardless of age. Bosco’s story will light a spark of hope and encouragement within the heart and mind of every teenager and adult who reads it.”

—Sandra Reid, Maryland High School Principal of the Year 2017


“Reverend Bosco’s miraculous escape from the genocide in Rwanda will reinforce your faith in the mighty power of God to provide for his children and to protect them in the worst of circumstances.”

—Rev. Juliet Mahugu, senior pastor, Christ Is The Answer Ministries, Woodley, Kenya


“Reverend Bosco’s life clearly communicates that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

—Rev. Ananie Nduwamungu, PCEA St. Andrew’s Church, Nairobi


 “Kept for a Purpose transported me to places that textbooks could not. Bosco’s deeply personal and ultimately inspiring account of the one hundred days of terror that engulfed Rwanda in 1994 will hopefully raise questions and stimulate valuable discussions in universities, high schools, and around kitchen tables.”

—Winsome A. Downie, PhD, Department of Political Science, Manhattan College, Bronx, New York


“Through his amazing life story, Reverend Bosco teaches lessons about love, forgiveness, heavenly provision, and the blessings available to all who answer God’s call.”

—Rev. Jesse Mwai, senior pastor, Christ Is The Answer Ministries, Buruburu, Kenya


“Kept for a Purpose is a wonderful book.”

—Rev. Ken Kimiywe, former deputy bishop, Christ Is The Answer Ministries, and senior pastor, CITAM Thika Road

"Karen Panton WalkingEagle’s Bless will surely become a spiritual classic. My soul is encouraged and refreshed to find an expression of the Christian life that balances, as Christ did, evangelism and 'good works.' Bless is down to earth and accessible, and whether read alone or in discussion groups, its message of obedience to Christ, of mercy and kindness to others, can make the world a better place. I will keep this book on my bedside table, and I will give it to my children and my friends. This is a remarkable piece of work. May God give it wings to fly into people’s hearts and lives!"

—Elizabeth Schenkel, Writer, Producer, and Director of Global Women’s Strategies, JESUS Film Project


"Karen is a gifted writer, and Bless is filled with exciting illustrations and thoughtful insights that inspire us to live a life of generosity. You will want to read this book again and again, andl encourage others to do the same."

—D. Wendel Cover, Pastor, Word of Life International Church, Springfield, Virginia


"Karen offers pathways that lead us to the opportunities God presents to us to give. An inspiring book!

—Brett Fuller, Chaplain, Washington Redskins, and Pastor, Grace Covenant Church, Chantilly, Virginia


“In Bless, Karen reveals that God doesn’t just want us to pronounce his blessing; God wants us to bless others. In bright, clear, sparkling language, she lays out a guide to acting out true spirituality. Your life will change as you read this book, and you’ll start changing the world.”

—Joseph Castleberry, Ed.D., President, Northwest University and Author of ­ e Kingdom Net: Learning to Network Like Jesus


"Whether you are confident in your Christian walk or are struggling to forge a true relationship with Jesus, this book persuasively explains why it is that as you bless others with what God has given you, you will be blessed even more by him!"

—Rev. Dr. Avis E. Hinkson, Ordained Minister and Educator

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